Unpredictable Noir by Glenn Perri

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Product Description

Fragrance Type: Eau de Parfum Spray

Packaging: Original Retail Box

A floral-aromatic cologne, Unpredictable Noir is a sophisticated fragrance for contemporary men of all ages. Splash it on to your warm, clean skin after shaving or bathing and let its evocative notes capture your imagination. Herbal notes of lavender and sage release a soothing effect on your skin and state of mind. Comforting vanilla and floral jasmine notes boost the romance factor, creating a perfect balance to the herbal notes. Creamy sandalwood and warm amber comprise the base notes on which the upper notes settle and rest. The result is a smooth, slightly mysterious cologne that pairs well with many casual and formal occasions, from everyday wear for work to special events such as first dates and weddings.

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